I am starting a yet another blog, this time based on Hugo instead of Pelican or Jekyll.

I decided to use Hugo because it is fast, thanks to the fact that is written in Go. Even if this blog shouldn’t have too much content so that the compile times shouldn’t take too long, it is still nice to have sub-second compile times. And thanks to the static binaries that is used in Go applications, this makes much easier to deploy my blog. When I used Pelican, I needed to first install Python, so afterwards I could do a pip install -r requirements.txt. Not really difficult, however it can be made easier.

The theme of choice, at least for now, it is ghostwriter. I chose a theme that is relatively lightweight and could still work even with disabled Javascript/CSS. And of course, it should be good looking.

Expect posts in this blog about development and random thoughts. Run your bsh (brain shell) and run:

$ dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/brain